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"I suffer from severe Eczema and Psoriasis on my scalp. As a pharmacy technician for Kaiser Permanente I'm well aware of all the options that are out there. I've had many doctor appointments reviewing the same issue. Prescription after prescription and nothing seemed to give me any results. After many frustrating moments and an endless list of over the counter creams and oils as well as prescription drugs I discovered Cabella Star Oil. My stylist introduced it to me and I right away fell in love. Cabella Star Oil leaves my hair soft, silky, and full of shine all without weighing it down. The bonus for me was after a few days my Eczema and Psoriasis disappeared! I couldn't believe it! After everything that I had tried Cabella Star Oil was the only product that gave me the results that I had been searching for. I use it religiously now and would not use anything else!

Here's to no more embarrassing moments! Thanks Cabella!"
Downey, CA

"I have fine limp hair and for as long as I can remember I have tried every product available to try to give me volume, bounce and fullness. Nothing seemed to do the job. I did try some products that began working but at the end of the day my hair was flat and dull as cardboard. One day my friend who is a photographer had his hair stylist do my hair for one of his photo shoots. After the photo shoot I couldn't help but notice that my hair was full of body and volume. I loved it! It turns out Cabella Leave-In conditioner was the culprit of my fabulous hair. I put Cabella to the test and did not wash my hair that evening, the next morning my hair was still full of volume and looking even better than the day before! From that day forward I use Cabella Leave-In conditioner after every shower. Kudos to you Cabella for making a product that gave my hair life again."
Belinda Loya
Los Angeles, CA

"I have ADD with my hair it is never the same color for more than a month. I love trying new colors and styles so you can imagine how damaged and weak it is. I'm usually in the salon chair for about half a day doing treatments and color and all that stuff. After all that time and money in a couple of weeks (if that) my hair is back to being stiff, dry and just plain ugly! The other day my stylist did this awesome treatment on my hair that pretty much changed my hair forever! All of the Cabella products were used in doing this treatment and I can not put into words how soft, shiny and full of body my hair felt and looked! I was amazed! I thought I had tried it all but boy was I wrong. Not only did my hair look great it lasted! A few weeks after the treatment my hair was still the talk of my office! I just had to let everyone know about Cabella! People couldn't believe that MY hair could look this healthy. I was a little offended at first but didn't care I was just happy with my hair and with Cabella! Thank you for giving me new hair without having to shave it! (Yes my hair was that bad!)"
Nikki Stephenson
San Francisco, CA

"The best authentic no bs organic product I have ever used...literally. My natural curly hair has never been happier, yay! Here is my tip for Cabella Detox shampoo: Use it as a body wash, it's is my new favorite."
Alika Ray
Dallas, TX

"So I'm in new York City for my best friends wedding and forget my Kerastase hair care back home. I run to the nearest salon for shampoo and a few other items I need for my hair. The sales girl tells me about this new Organic line, Cabella, never heard of it I say. In a rush I buy it and BAM! I couldn't believe how luxurious and wonderful it worked and the scent is subtle but elegant. My hair color was revitalized as if it was freshly done. Love the pink packaging".
Alexia Zagha
Manhattan Beach, CA.

"I Just wanted to offer my congratulations for creating such honest and amazing products. I originally purchased your brand because they use no silicone nor other harmful ingredients with controversy to health risks, its silly that many product claim natural or organic but still use lots of petrochemicals. Thank you for your commitment to authentic organic but great products".
Jennifer Harp
Miami, FL.

"I wish that I had come across your products months ago. I could kiss all of you guys. I love it. The girl at the salon where I purchased it couldn't say enough about your product; she raved about it. I thought that it was just another sales pitch. With the 30 day money back guarantee though, I didn't have anything to lose. The only thing that I was a little hesitant about was the price. Way more than I'm used to paying on hair products. Now I see why your products are the price they are. They are fantastic.

For months my hair had been getting dryer and dryer and I was trying almost everything out there to add some moisture to it. When I would shampoo my hair in the shower, it would end up in a serious rats nest (including brushing it before getting in) that would require copious amounts of conditioner, plus instant detangler and other products just to get a pick through it. It was becoming a real chore to wash my hair.

Now I can run my fingers though my hair with the shampoo in it in the shower. I never thought that would be possible and I never thought that the salesgirl was really telling the truth; that a shampoo could actually do that. The first 2 days I had to use a little more conditioner than I do now, but I figure that was just due to the dryness.

I love your product. If I was down in California I would hand deliver this letter. I wish I could hug you all and shake hands for making such a fantastic, wonderful, unbelievable, remarkable product. I am never switching back to any of the other salon quality products (of which I was using prior). I am looking forward to trying out your new products and watching my hair rebuild itself to the shiny, bouncy blond mane that it once was!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-Sarah Merrie
Portland, OR.

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. I originally purchased your products because they use no animal products nor do you test on animals, which is amazing. But since buying your products I am now devoted because they have changed my hair. THANK YOU for your commitment to cruelty free, insanely amazing products."
-Luis Pane
Hollywood, California

"I was introduced to your line of hair care products at the Salon at a fancy Resort a couple weeks ago and wanted to write to tell you how much I love the Cabella Gentle shampoo and Rejuvenating Masque! My hair has typically been dry and coarse, especially in this Rocky Mountain climate (I live in Colorado), and the stylist recommended the products, which improved the condition of my hair dramatically. I am thrilled to know about Cabella line of hair care products and won't ever use anything else- even better is the information on the website. I will endorse Cabella every chance I get!"
-Maria DiSalvo
Denver, Colorado


"In my many years in this industry, this is by far, the best formulated product I've ever sold. I absolutely can't believe the instant increase in my monthly sales numbers because of Cabella. Most new product launches take a piece of other lines I sell, Cabella doesn't."
-Serafin Sanches, Distributor
Mexico City, Mexico

"After 20 years of doing hair, my quest for superior products came to an end when I met Israel Barrera. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to formulate products. One of the largest complaints from my clients had been the problem with dry damaged hair. That all ended when Israel Barrera called me and said, 'I have the answer to all color challenges.' Low and behold he did-Cabella!
-Philip Carreon, Estilo Salon
Hollywood, California

"All of us here at PDV believe that integrity is the most important thing when it comes to our clients. Our clients look to us for healthier way of living and because of that we recommend maintenance products that will protect their hair color investment. We have all come to realize that we love Cabella and especially the fact that it performs better than any other organic line out there. Our clients love it! We keep running out!
-Xavier Guerin, Point De Vue Salon
Beverly Hills, CA

"I received a sample of the Cabella Gentle Shampoo and Cabella Star Oil. Wow, what can I say? Cabella has come out with a product that surpasses expectations. It works wonderfully. I am impressed. For someone who sells on the average of $10,000 or more a month in just Cabella, I know that my clients are going to love Cabella. Thank You for you continued support of my business.
-Ernie Hernandez, Salon Mission Ten Eleven
Pasadena, CA.

"Cabella" is an entirely new category of product designed exclusively for dry damaged color treated hair in the organic circuit. My clients have returned repeatedly to say, 'I love the product! The color really does stay longer.' This is a problem solving line that is phenomenal for dry damaged color treated hair. Cabella is a high performance safeguard insurance policy for color treated hair. Cabella is an awesome product and does exactly what promises to do.
-Fernando Braga, Distributor
Rio, Brazil

"I have not seen a truly revolutionary Organic product line like this one, ever! The very minute we picked up Cabella our salon penetration grew by 33.4%.
-Silvia De Pasquale, Divina Hair Distributor
Buenos Aires, Argentia