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The word rebel is rarely associated with the professional salon and spa industry, but when referring to industry veteran Israel Barrera, it makes perfect sense.

In February 2008, Israel decided to launch a revolution.

Frustrated with the politics and smoke & mirrors of corporate America coupled with the lack of authentically organic beauty options, Israel enjoyed an epiphany – he would develop a boutique line of high-quality, anti-aging, organic, and eco-friendly hair care products. But, he wouldn’t stop there. Israel would bring core values back to a mislead industry held captive by corporate over consumer interests.

Savvy consumers now demand higher standards of excellence when shopping for their homes and families, especially when it comes to personal care items. Israel recognized a market primed for his responsible products and green-minded philosophy.

It was time to make his dream of starting a business that would resonate a reality. Years in the salon and spa industry armed him with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and most importantly, awareness. Israel recognized the dilution and division of leadership, providing him the perfect opportunity for future success: with a purpose.

He immediately – and passionately – went to work, creating what would eventually become CABELLA™.

Bold, dynamic, and incredibly passionate when it comes to creating products good for both consumers and the planet, Israel Barrera is CABELLA™’s founder, CEO and fearless leader. A seasoned industry veteran with more than 18 years of experience in management, sales, and education, Israel maintains invaluable insight into the dynamics driving salon and spa innovation. As owner of an exclusive salon in the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, Israel learned, first-hand, the importance of customer service and personal relationships. His entrepreneurial instinct led him to the fashion world, where he cultivated a vital network of connections.

It was a difficult decision to eventually walk away from the security and comforts of the corporate world. With his future wide open, Israel welcomed the inspired challenges his new venture would provide. He tirelessly and sacrificially devoted the next two and a half years developing CABELLA™ into a one-of-a-kind anti-aging and organic personal care line.

After intense experimentation with premium ingredients and countless formulations, Israel finally crafted a proprietary suite of products expertly tailored and packaged for today’s sophisticated female market.

His unique perspective, attitude, passion for the environment and commitment to authenticity in both business and products are keys to driving CABELLA™ toward the future.

CABELLA™ is based in sunny California, where healthy lifestyles flourish; hence the first two letters (CA) of the company’s name. Always a pioneer, California leads America and possibly the world toward more vibrant health, wellness and holistic living.

The name CABELLA™ was also inspired by the mystique, legacy and glamour of Old Hollywood; those gorgeous starlets who captivated our imaginations.

Because of the founder’s connection to his heritage, we desired to honor this by incorporating a Spanish/Latin influence. Thus, we chose the word bella – “beautiful” in Spanish.

As we combined these two significant elements, our name was born:

CABELLA™—California Beauty.

CABELLA™ is 100% committed to the salon and spa industry, where products must perform with high levels of integrity, be seamlessly incorporated into a business’s core services and be made available for home-care maintenance. 

Our short-term vision is to deliver superior personal hair products that comply with the most stringent organic standards while having fun with our vintage-style marketing.

Our long-term vision is to support the professional salon and spa industry by adding value to its service and retail revenue while promoting sustainable, ecologically sound and healthful living.

CABELLA’S™ mission is to bring back the passion and excitement that once laid the foundation for the professional salon and spa industry while producing genuinely organic, green products that nurture the consumer and the environment.

The smart, vintage-style packaging celebrates and reflects a purer era where prosperity, natural beauty and timeless elegance were the hallmarks of the American household. 

We are resilient to the commercial takeover of the entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to deliver quality, value and results.  Therefore, we desire to inspire all individuals to care more for one another and the planet while respecting the proud traditions of an industry founded on the principals of health, wellness and longevity.

Our ultimate mission is to encourage organic, holistic living through renewable salons and spas and to constantly stay ahead of the market by introducing products that make a meaningful difference in the lives/lifestyles of our customers.