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Q: Is Cabella Star Oil (pure blend) Alcohol-Free?
A: Yes. See our " glossary" page to learn more.

Q: Are Cabella products Paraben-Free?
A: Yes, all our products are Paraben-Free. We have officially removed 16 commonly used petrochemicals most companies continue to use under "natural" and "organic" products. We remain on the cutting edge of natural and organic product formulation and look forward to achieving more revolutionary hair care products.

Q: Can Cabella Star Oil (pure blend) be used on the body as skin care?
A: Yes. Cabella has created products to meet the needs of those who want hair and skin care products that function first and foremost for the health of hair and skin.

Q: Are Cabella shampoos sulfate free?
A: Not only sulfate free but we also removed hidden sulfates. See our "glossary" page to learn more.

Q: How does Cabella Star Oil (pure blend) reduce drying time by up to 50%?
A: As you know, oil and water separate - so when the oil is absorbed into the hair it basically pushes water trapped under the cuticle out and allows it to dry faster. The heat from the blow dryer reduces the viscosity and enhances penetration even further. Drying time can be reduced upwards of 40-50% due to this effect, which not only saves you time but also minimizes exposure to heat-related hair damage.

Q: Why is Cabella Star Oil (pure blend) different from all the other oils'?
A: Cabella Star Oil uses no heavy silicones only exotic "feather-weight" cold press essential oils that are highly absorbent. The oil's unique composition is remarkably similar to our body's own natural oil. It also has an extremely high concentration of Omega 3, 6,9 and more. Please see full list of benefits on our B Reparative Complex page. These three factors enable Cabella Star Oil to promote healthy hair growth, not just healthy hair maintenance.

Q: Is Cabella Star Oil (pure blend) 'all natural'?
A: Yes. Cutting-edge ingredients are all we use. Cabella omitted cheap chemicals like Mineral Oil, Silicones, Phthalates, S.D. Alcohol, artificial fragrances and colors – and our packaging is sustainable.

Q: How soon will I start seeing results from using Cabella products?
A: Some people see results the first time they use the products, and everyone tells us that their scalp and hair feels different straight away. The hair feels stronger, softer, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that"s visibly noticeable.

Q: What are the long-term benefits of using Cabella products?
A: Plain and simple – healthy hair and scalp. Cabella uses ingredients designed to help keep hair and scalp at an optimal level of fitness – not just cover up with cosmetic results. But don't get us wrong: a benefit of healthy hair is hair that looks its best!

Your best-looking hair starts with healthy hair, and healthy hair starts with a professional hair stylists. Start living your healthiest hair!

Q: Where are Cabella products made?
A: We are proud to make all our products in Southern California: Having our manufacturing facilities so close to our headquarters allows us to maintain a superior quality standard and level of oversight, and also support the local economy.

Q: Does Cabella test on animals?
A: We have never, and will never, conduct animal testing.

Q: Are Cabella products safe for children?
A: Yes. All products are formulated with the intention of being "always beneficial", although a patch-test may be useful when food or botanical allergies are suspected in any individual.

Infants & Children: Cabella's personal hair care line is extremely wholesome, free of common irritating synthetics and made with organic ingredients. Our line is generally safe for children, yet we suggest that soap use on infants be avoided until the umbilical cord falls off and circumcision has had adequate time to heal completely.

Q: Are Cabella products suitable for Psoriasis and/or Rosacia?
A: At this time we do not offer any special psoriasis/rosacea-specific products. However our powerful organic antioxidants B Reparative Complex in our products offer many anti-inflammatory benefits that calm irritated skin and protect from further damage. The fact that we use zero chemicals and organic raw materials also offers heightened benefits for renewal and prevention of irritation.

Q: What is the shelf live of Cabella products?
A: All Cabella products have a minimum two year shelf-life un-opened and 12 months once opened.

Q: Are your products certified organic?
A: Our products as an entity themselves are not certified organic, yet the individual ingredients listed as organic are certified. We strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible and to use only ingredients that are naturally derived.

"Made with Certified Organic Ingredients" – denotes formula with 70% or more certified organic ingredients
"Contains Certified Organic Ingredients" – denotes formula with less than 70% certified organic ingredients
All Cabella products are 100% naturally derived with organic content within the following range: 27% to 99.8% organic.

Q: Are Cabella products "gluten free"?
A: Yes. All Cabella products are gluten-free.