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Here’s how the B Reparative Complex works.


The Free Radical theory of aging has been utilized to suggest that age related changes occur as a result of an increasing inability to cope with Oxidative stress that occurs throughout life and is associated with increasing sensitivity to the effects of oxidative stressors. Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in favor of the former, resulting in oxidative damage to molecules such as DNA, lipids and proteins.

CABELLA in association with a seasoned and experienced chemist developed the B Reparative Complex, which is made up of three Certified Essential Oils. These three invaluable oils aid in the maintenance and healing process of cell physiology. Since we know scientifically that cells do age and age faster with high levels of oxidative stress, the B Reparative Complex adds a level of stability and a platform for synergistic action that aids in maintaining the cell’s outer wall, the plasma membrane, as well as the internal structure – the nucleus, for longer lasting and healthier cell function.


CABELLA products are all designed to slow down the Free Radical attack that take place on a consistent basis throughout a person’s body daily. This Defense Network slows down the aging process and helps at cellular level.


Hair damage can all be reduced to three main types:


· Disturbance of the hair’s natural moisture balance

· Protein structure disruption

· Cuticle surface damage


Dullness of the hair, brittleness, split ends, lifeless color, dryness and texture changes can be traced to one or more of the three damage types outlined above. CABELLA addresses all three hair damage problems with all of their products. 



The B Reparative Complex is listed below with its amazing benefits for hair and skin.


Certified Bilberry Seed Oil (Vaccinium Myrtillus)

·       Aids in moisture retention

·       Protects keratinized hair cell membranes

·       Prevents natural and artificial color leeching

·       Protects and repairs hair cell lipid membranes

·       Maintains barrier function of scalp tissue

·       Anti-microbial – helps against staph infections

·       Helps strengthen collagen – (connective tissue)

·       40% higher antioxidant capability than Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

·       High concentrations of tannins – (Astringent & anti-inflamatory agents)

·       Anthocyanidin (flavanoid) – builds strong capillaries and improves circulation

·       Flavanoids (plant pigments) called antocyananidins have outstanding anti-oxidant properties

·       Contains Phytosterols (help lower cholesterol)

·       Contains over 70% EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids)

Certified Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil (Hippophae Rhamnoides)

·       Helps maintain healthy skin

·       Reduces aging process

·       Great for skin complexion

·       Natural UV protection

·       Good for skin disorders

·       Adds to lipid membrane and barrier functions

·       Enhances micro circulation and epidermal regeneration

·       High concentration of anti-oxidants

·       Abundant nutrients – Vitamin E, Vitamin C Beta Carotene, and flavanoids

·       Higher concentrations of Vitamin C than Oranges - 300-1500 vs 50-100

·       Contains EFAS (essential fatty acids) – Omega 3, 6, 9

·       Contains more than 190 living ingredients

·       Contains 2 times more Vitamin E than wheat oil, 35 times more than soybeans, 9% more than corn oil

·       More than 90% of fatty acids contained are unsaturated

·       Contains balanced combination of Linoleic (omega 6) and alpha linolenic (omega 3) acids  that help with dry hair, hair loss, and poor wound healing


Certified Black Currant Seed Oil (Ribes Nigrum)

·       Slows down aging process

·       Cleans out cells

·       Enhances lipid membranes of hair & skin

·       Reduces irritation with sensitive scalps

·       Rich in Vitamin C, Linoleic acid, Alpha Linoleic acid, Gamma Linoleic acid, Stearodonic acid

·       Rich in B6, Vitamin E, Potassium, Copper

·       Contains  EFA’s - Omega 6 & 3 series fatty acids